The Lunar Project

The Lunar Project is an Asian American solidarity initiative supporting movements for Black and Indigenous lives. \We recently launched a  giving circle for Asian Americans with wealth  who will pool and redistribute resources (minimum of $100K) towards Black and Indigenous led organizations, businesses, and community development projects that are advancing community self-determination and racial justice. The Lunar Project’s vision is to use the 12 week Giving Circle experience to prototype a larger integrated capital fund ($20M) that would resource Black and Indigenous-led movements at scale.

Korean American Federation of Los Angeles (KAFLA)

Founded in 1962, KAFLA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that represents and empowers the Korean American community of Los Angeles County. We advocate for the rights and interests of the Korean American community and have been a leader in the promotion of cultural exchange between the Korean American and multitude of diverse ethnic communities.
We serve 40,000 people annually through our COVID-19 Response & Relief Fund, Stop Asian Hate, Community Education & Outreach, Vaccine Outreach Clinic, Food Bank, Medicare & Medi-Cal Assistance, Senior & Affordable Housing Assistance, Citizenship Assistance, Voter Registration, Pro Bono Immigration & Labor Legal Clinic, and more.

Arab-American Family Support Center

The Arab-American Family Support Center (AAFSC) provides culturally and linguistically competent social services to immigrants and refugees in NYC. AAFSC staff speak 27 languages to support NYC’s diverse Asian American communities, including Bangla, Urdu, Hindi, Mandarin, Japanese, and Nepali. AAFSC operates across four priority areas – promote, prevent, get ready, and communicate – to promote wellness, prevent violence and abuse, prepare immigrants to lead productive lives, and communicate community needs to partners and policymakers. Our programs include adult education, youth enrichment, mental health counseling, health insurance/SNAP enrollment, domestic violence case management, parenting classes, emergency financial assistance, and legal services.

Asian Arts & Culture Center, Towson U

The Asian Arts & Culture Center (AA&CC) is a self-support department of Towson University in Maryland which engages audiences at the university and throughout the greater Baltimore, Washington, DC and mid-Atlantic regions in cross-cultural dialogue through a broad range of Asian and AAPI-related artistic and cultural experiences. AA&CC programs (such as exhibitions, performances, discussions, festivals and workshops) are co-curated with and provide platforms for Asian and AAPI creatives to share their stories, traditions, and ideas in critical, intelligent and emotionally compelling ways that promote conversation, celebrate difference, reveal commonalities, broaden perspectives, and increase public understanding of diverse AAPI experiences.

Saheli, Inc. dba Asian Family Support Services of Austin

Pride in our Cultural Identity + Comprehensive Services for Asian Texans = Asian Survivors Creating the World we want to live in. We are survivor-centered, trauma-informed, and work with survivors of all intersectional identities as they journey forward.
We provide free: 24/7 language-access hotline, safety planning, basic needs, crisis intervention, language interpretation, food/formula, transportation, clothing/diapers, safe hotel nights when shelter is full, supportive transitional housing, life skills/job-finding support, counseling, peer support, and culture change for gender-justice in community. Our outreach and education is focused on protective factors and ending violence in Asian/immigrant communities in language-accessible and culturally responsive way.

Coalition for Asian American Children and Families

The Coalition for Asian American Children and Families (CACF) is the nation’s only pan-Asian advocacy organization bringing together community-based organizations as well as youth and community members to fight for equity for Asian Pacific Americans (APA). CACF was founded in 1986 by social service providers concerned that New York City human service institutions were not adequately serving APA/immigrant families. CACF advances policies that improve child welfare, health, and education services for APAs. Leading a coalition of almost 50 Asian-serving community nonprofits, CACF effectively advocates for their communities, ensuring that APAs have a platform to voice their concerns.

Taiko Community Alliance

Taiko Community Alliance (TCA) empowers the people and advances the art of taiko, which is a percussive performing art with traditional roots in Japan. We are an organization run by the people we serve: taiko artists and enthusiasts promoting heritage, creativity, inclusivity, identity and activism through drumming. We do this by providing resources, collecting and sharing data, and hosting taiko gatherings like the North American Taiko Conference (NATC). Our newest program, TaikoStories, will showcase the marginalized voices of our community and also retain them digitally as an ongoing oral histories collection on our website.

Project Respectt, Inc.

Project Respectt serves indigenous people of the Pacific Islands in the United States. We reimagine and cultivate contemporary villages creating networks of support for NHPI. We steward support and services for communities of color to build collective agency through strengthening cultural identity and linguistic competencies. Programs are fostered in the spirit of ancestral knowledge, through sharing and storytelling which reflect the body of wisdom collected throughout a great expanse of time. We work to lift the conditions of the ‘whole person’ approach through the lens of racial and social equity. Our mission is to achieve self-determination through respect and reciprocity.

Asian American Women Artists Association

AAWAA’s mission is to advance the visibility, recognition and documentation of Asian Pacific American women in the arts. Our focus is to recognize our community’s cultural agency and promote social justice towards an equitable arts ecosystem. Our work engages the AAPI women artists community by cultivating spaces for education, curation, dialogue, storytelling and legacy building. Through publications, programs and its website, AAWAA is a resource for academics, researchers, arts communities, and the public. Valuing equity, education and community building, AAWAA challenges societal assumptions, promotes cross-cultural intergenerational dialogue and advocates for AAPI women’s voices in media, arts institutions and Art History.

UMass Amherst Fine Arts Center

The UMass Fine Arts Center’s Asian and Asian American Arts and Culture Program is the only university-based series of its kind in the country. With audiences in New England since 1993 and online since 2020, we present the full range of diversity and excellence within the Asian and Asian American performing arts and cultural forms. We are dedicated to raising urgent issues through both traditional and contemporary forms, making us one of Asian America’s most important voices at the intersection of arts, education, and social engagement in this historical moment.

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