Cut Fruit Collective

Cut Fruit Collective

California, focus on community development, serving Pan-AAPI

About the Organization:

Cut Fruit Collective is a SF Bay Area grassroots group creating art for AAPI community care. We see a colorful future where all AAPI communities thrive and feel seen, heard, and celebrated. We work to support AAPI artists, amplify AAPI activists, invest in vulnerable AAPI communities, and build coalitions across AAPI communities and beyond.

organizational budget

$0 - $50,000

existence for

0-5 Years

The Issue:

In the San Francisco Bay Area and across much of America, the origins of many working-class AAPI heritage neighborhoods grew from exclusion and racist development policies. This history and the intersecting issues of gentrification, racial violence, and political neglect affect the most vulnerable in our community making them susceptible to crime, hate incidents, and mental health crises. Recent national news coverage has brought light to the violence that these communities have faced. However this negative media coverage creates more distress and sows divisions within the community. Asian elders are particularly affected – they make up a large percentage of the residents in these neighborhoods.

It’s clear that these neighborhoods need economic and social support so that small businesses, residents, and visitors can all thrive together for generations to come. Without community support and creative solutions, these neighborhoods, and their cultural legacy will disappear, along with the crucial resources that they provide to working class AAPI people.

The Solution:

Cut Fruit Collective believes the solution is rooted in creativity and unity, rather than fear. We emphasize creative expression and celebration because in collective liberation movements, joy is an act of resistance. By empowering residents and community members with creative tools, we uncover novel yet sustainable approaches to community care.

While we recognize that there are already many on-the-ground activists and orgs in these heritage neighborhoods doing important work, it is often difficult for the general public to see or get involved in the work due to generational and cultural divides. To bridge the gap, we bring new creative energy that continues to honor and uplift vulnerable AAPI neighborhoods. We do this through placekeeping, capacity building, and community building.

  • Our first focus is creative placekeeping. It is a collaborative process that engages and inspires residents and visitors alike to reimagine and strengthen their connection to an existing place and neighborhood. As many of the working class AAPI neighborhoods in the Bay Area remain vulnerable to gentrification, we are mindful of standard “placemaking” approaches that disregard the existing ecosystems in neighborhoods.
  • Our second focus is capacity building. Our creative services program connects AAPI artists and designers to help serve the needs of AAPI heritage small businesses and community organizations. We also provide creative support for community fundraisers for instance in our Feeding Seniors campaign, we pulled in artists to contribute to a raffle that fundraised $7K+ for a partnering Asian owned farm to provide AAPI seniors with locally grown, culturally relevant fresh produce.
  • Our third focus is community building through both online and in person activities. We provide a platform for AAPI artists and creatives to share their creations and experiences. Through social media we also mobilize our audience to support neighborhood initiatives.

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